Yaxteq 004CD- “The Code Switcha” – Digital Files Vol. 2


Yaxteq 004CD “The Code Switcha” Vol. 2 Digital Files



This is volume 2 of 2! For the full album please purchase both Yaxteq 004AB and 004CD.

DJ Dex aka Nomadico has written and produced 10 new unreleased tracks for this double LP “The Code Switcha”. It features a range of tempos and sonic dynamics; from the slow burns of “RTD 60” and “909 Soto Street” to the full on energy of “Machine Learning for Homeboy” and “HustLA”. There are also electro funk tracks like “Still Cruisin”, “Radio 3031323” and “Backyard Trippin”. Meanwhile, the moods and textures of “Introversion”, “Innermission” and “Staring Problem” are for deep listening. All of these are fused together by atmospheric pads, touches of acid and a veteran DJ’s sense of rhythm and timing.”

Volume 2 includes:

C1. Innermission
C2. Machine Learning For Homeboy
C3. Backyard Trippin
D1. HustLA
D2. Staring Problem

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