Yaxteq 002 “Gentefication EP” – Digital Files


Yaxteq 002 “Gentefication EP”. Includes 320kbps MP3s and 16 bit .wav files. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann of Complete Mastering.


Nomadico’s Gentefication EP is inspired by the Gente-fication movement in East Los Angeles. A movement striving to uplift and maintain the local street culture without selling out to real estate developers and so-called Gentrifiers. The A side tracks “Gentefied” and “Semillas” are deeper, uplifting tracks with a hi-tech edge. The soundtrack for young barrio coders, digital artists and community organizers. On the flip “Graff Walk” and “The Heights” are grittier Techno-funk workouts for bumping loud while rolling down Broadway or Cesar Chavez Avenue in L.A. Yaxteq will continue to honor high tech urban innovation that goes against all expectations. Si se puede!!

All Yaxteq download packages contain hi-resolution .wav files and 320kbps .mp3 files.

1. Gentefied
2. Semillas
3. Graff Walk
4. The Heights