Yaxteq 001 “Resistance is Not Futile” – Digital Files


Yaxteq 001. Includes 320kbps MP3s and 16 bit .wav files. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann of Complete Mastering.


The grand opening and manifesto for Yaxteq, Los Angeles. First released as a limited edition vinyl white label via Submerge.com and then fully distributed to the world via Submerge distribution with custom jackets and label art. Digital Mastering by Dietrich Schoenemann of Complete Mastering, NY. The digital files are only available here, direct from Yaxteq.com. All Yaxteq download packages contain hi-resolution .wav files and 320kbps .mp3 files.


1. Resistance is not futile
2. Cabrakan
3. Romero’s Echo
4. After the Anger

Los Angeles based Nomadico releases the first record on his own label Yaxteq. The music on this release sums up 10 years of work with Underground Resistance and sets the tone for what is to follow on Yaxteq.

“Resistance is not Futile” is an anthem for the do-it-yourself, grassroots philosophy that is the core of Nomadico as an artist. The lyrics state, “We will not be clones, we will not be assimilated” over a shuffling, grinding bassline. The song’s moody atmosphere, simultaneously dark yet uplifting, provides the listener with the soundtrack to continue the resistance.

“Cabrakan” is a storming Techno funk track that builds and builds. Inspired by the otherworldly sounds of the Red Planet label, it’s a roller coaster designed for peak time dancefloor destruction.

“Romero’s Echo” builds around an almost industrial level bass synth driving its way towards a manic synth lead. The breakdown features a Spanish minister preaching about staying grounded amidst the challenges in life. The title is a tribute to the revered Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador.

“After The Anger” is a direct descendant of the Underground Resistance school of aggressive Techno. It’s distorted bass and funked up hi-hats move in and out while synth pads and percussion go along for the ride.