Underground Resistance – 091- “Yaxteq EP” – Digital Files


Underground Resistance 091 “Yaxteq EP”. Includes 320kbps MP3s and 24 bit .wav files.



Yaxteq EP originally released on Underground Resistance in 2014. The release starts with The Singularity, an analog bass driven track with dark atmospherics and acid elements that can only truly be appreciated in a dark sweaty club at 5am. Next up is Rooted, a a DJ’s secret weapon that bridges jacking the house tracks and stripped down Techno with its filtered claps, modulating synths and rumbling sub-bass. The B-side features Yaxche, which is grounded by thick, swinging drums and a melodic bass line. It then patiently adds on layers of synths, subtle strings and an ethereal vocal courtesy of Naheedence. The closer, New Baktun is a slower, bass heavy, dub influenced track with arpeggiated synths and a polyrhythmic twist.

UR – 091 “Yaxteq EP”

1. The Singularity

2. Rooted

3. Yaxche

4. New Baktun


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