Underground Resistance – 083 – “Ganas EP” – Digital Files


Underground Resistance 083 “Ganase EP”. Includes 320kbps MP3s and 16 bit .wav files.



The “Ganas EP” was originally released in 2012 on Underground Resistance. Ganas was a term used by high school Math professor Jaime Escalante (1930-2010) to inspire his ‘underprivileged’ students in L.A.’s Eastside. He also used to say that Math was “In Your Blood” so they’d embrace their Aztec and Mayan heritage and empower themselves. Yaxteq is proud to release this EP re-mastered for 2018.

UR – 083 “Ganas EP”

1. Ganas

2. Ganas – Unknown Soldier’s People Unite Drum mix

3. Ganas – Underground Resistance Mix

4. In Your Blood


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