The Yaxteq Lab is an opportunity to bring together like minded music producers in a casual yet focused environment to discuss and create electronic music. No fancy studios, no expensive tuition, just a DIY audio lab with good food and creative minds. This page hosts notes and links to content from previous labs.  Just keep in mind, that there is no substitute to attending the Yaxteq lab and getting first hand direction from one of our featured artists. If you want to keep up to date with upcoming labs please subscribe here:


Yaxteq Lab 001 featuring Claude Young

The first lab featured the one and only Claude Young! Check his website here:

He’s been kind of enough to provide a list of links and essential software he uses on a regular basis. There’s a wrap up and photos of the first Yaxteq Lab here:



Plug & Mix Vip Bundle (Win & Mac)

Voxengo Boogex & Tube Amp (Both FREE) (Win & Mac)

Grind Machine & Bass Machine Free (Win & Mac)



TDR Kotelnikov (FREE) (Win & Mac)

Audio Damage Rough Rider (FREE) (Win & Mac)



Hornet Deelay (7.99 Euros) (Win & Mac)

Valhalla Freq (FREE) (Win & Mac)

Voxengo Latency Delay & Sound Delay (Both FREE) (Win & Mac)



TB Time Machine (19.95 Euros) (Win & Mac)

Ohmicide (99 Euros) (Win & Mac)

MWaveFolder & MBitFun (FREE) (Win & Mac)



Luftikus (FREE) (Win & Mac)

TDR VOS SlickEQ (FREE) (Win & Mac)


HoRNet 3XOver (5.99 Euros )(Win & Mac)

Elysia niveau filter (FREE) (Win & Mac)

FilterCrusher by Bedroom Producers Blog (FREE) (Win & Mac)



A1TriggerGate (FREE) (Win & Mac)

Sinevibes Switch (29 USD) (Win & Mac)



A1StereoControl (FREE) (Win & Mac)

MStereo Expander (Part of a great FREE Bundle!) (Win & Mac)



yohng’s W1 Limiter (similar to Waves W1 but FREE) (Win & Mac)

LoudMax (Freaking AWESOME!!! & FREE / DONATEWARE) (Win & Mac)



Voxengo SPAN (FREE) (Win & Mac)

MAnalyzer (Part of a great FREE Bundle!) (Win & Mac)



TAL Chorus (FREE) (Win & Mac)

BlueCat’s Chorus (Part of a great FREE Bundle!) (Win & Mac)



TAL REVERB 2, 3 & 4 (All FREE) (Win & Mac)

Voxengo OldSkoolVerb (FREE) (Win & Mac)



Dadalife Sausage Fattner – Highly Recommended!!! (29 USD) (Win & Mac)

Head Crusher Free (Win & Mac)

MWaveFolder (Part of a great FREE Bundle!) (Win & Mac)



Hornet Track Utility (9.90 Euros) (Win & Mac)

MUtility (Part of a great FREE Bundle!) (Win & Mac)

Cableguys VolumeShaper (40 USD ) (Win & Mac)