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Yaxteq Lab 001 a success!!

Huge thanks to Claude Young and the crew of serious musicians, producers and artists that attended Yaxteq Lab 001. After the initial social hour and dinner, Claude went deep into his creative process. There was discussion on improving the creative work flow, essential software plugins, integrating hardware and software, thinking ‘outside’ the grid and so much more. The second half of the lab was all hands on as Claude helped one of the crew improve the mix of a current project. The lab ended up running an extra hour as there was just so much to be covered. We can’t wait for Yaxteq Lab 002. Check out the photos courtesy of Naheedence Photographic!

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Check out

When I’m not producing and downloading music or recording podcasts. I’m troubleshooting computer software and hardware – Linux, Mac and Windows desktops, servers, etc.

One of my favorite online resources is and now they’ve launched a new site: They put it best: “We are going to profile repair gurus from around the world, investigate the motivations of people who fix things, and consider the larger ethical and philosophical issues surrounding repair.” Check them out!!