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Australia’s Stylin’ 508 interview with members of UR!!

This is a great interview featuring Atlantis, Mad Mike, DJ Skurge and Esteban Adame. They talk about everything from the influence of George Clinton and P-Funk to East L.A. soul music and roots of U.S. house and techno!

Stylin’ 508 w/ Underground Resistance by Ennio Styles

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Nublu liquor license revoked and temporarily moved.

I DJ’d at Nublu just about every month for 2 years, so this really saddens me.
You can read more about the story in the New York Times East Village edition:

There aren’t many places in the world where you can hear jazz, reggae, funk, disco, house and techno all in one night. A diverse mix of people, live musicians and DJs makes Nublu one of the few places I’ve ever DJ’d where the rule is “there are no rules”. It’s an intimate venue with amazing staff and party people with a willingness to hear just about anything come out of the speakers.

We’re in a time where the “music business” is struggling. The main way for musicians and DJs to earn a living is through the nightlife.
I genuinely hope this all gets resolved soon and Nublu is able to return to normal operations.

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Great mini-documentary from Resident Advisor on Detroit.

I especially enjoyed the showcase on YouthVille and the words from BMG regarding Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit. It also features Jon Dixon and DJ Skurge from Underground Resistance. Check it out!

Real Scenes: Detroit from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

Learn more about YouthVille Detroit here: