Welcome to the home page for Yaxteq, the new multimedia venture from Los Angeles based sonic explorer Nomadico aka DJ Dex. Dex’s talent for mixing all forms of funk, latin, jazz, hip-hop, house and techno music has earned him a place in Underground Resistance. As a DJ and band member of Underground Resistance, he has performed in clubs and festivals all over the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia.

As a music producer, his remixes and original productions have been released on Underground Resistance, Submerge Recordings, Los Hermanos, Transmat, Motech, Nublu Records, Compufunk, Revolve:r, True Type Tracks, Bullet:Dodge and ICAN Productions. 2015 saw the debut of the Yaxteq label following the Yaxteq EP on Underground Resistance. Yaxteq is distributed by Submerge via Detroit to the world. He’s currently working on a full length “Nomadico” album.

Regardless of the location, his hi-tech sound is a reflection of classic funk, soul and latin music.


DJing in Kobe, Japan for Underground Gallery presents “UR:Kobe Meeting”

Scion A/V Presents: UR DJ Assault Squad from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

DJing in Mexico City at Club XO :: October 17, 2009

DJing in Detroit, Michigan at Alvin’s (For Those Who Know IV) :: May 28, 2008

DJing in New York City for PS1’s Warm Up :: July 5, 2008

Official UR313 Music Video for “Tazumal” taken from the “Nomadico EP” UR-061 on Underground Resistance.